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Credit: Travel Portland

The Oregon Chapter and Western Division of the American Fisheries Society cordially invite you to attend the 145th Annual Meeting that will be convened in Portland from 16 to 20 August 2015. A diverse program, unconstrained by a single theme, will allow you to learn how freshwater and marine resources are managed, conserved, and restored globally.

The City of Portland is blessed with an abundance of diversity and an appealing laid back and relaxed pace. The downtown area of Portland offers unique experiences and endless activities from wine bars in historic buildings to art galleries housed in modern buildings. The city is repeatedly ranked as one of the best walking cities in the United States. It is this walkability that will allow you to easily visit the countless restaurants, food carts, microbreweries, distilleries, and coffee shops that have led to Portland being recognized for its outstanding culinary and beverage scene. Portland and the surrounding Pacific Coast-Wine Country-Cascades-Columbia River Gorge landscapes provide endless opportunities for sightseeing, outdoor adventure, and fishing. The city of Portland and surrounding areas have something for everyone to enjoy in August 2015!