A. Stephen Weithman Award


The Missouri Chapter and the Socioeconomics Section of the AFS are proud to announce the establishment of the A. Stephen Weithman Award. These two subunits of AFS cooperate to promote communication and interest in the field of socioeconomics by sponsoring an annual award for the best student paper in the field. The award honors Steve Weithman, a former fisheries research supervisor with the Missouri Department of Conservation, expert in the field of socioeconomics, and lifelong fisheries advocate who passed award after a valiant five-month battle with pancreatic cancer. The award will be presented for the best platform or poster paper presented by a student at the annual AFS meeting. Completed papers will be judged on content, originality, organization, contribution to the field of fisheries science, and overall presentation of the study. The award winner will be announced on the Socioeconomic Section’s webpage (www.fisheries.org/socioecon) and receive $150 and an award certificate following the annual AFS meeting.
To be considered for this award, interested applicants should complete the form available at www.fisheries.org/socioecon/Awards/ and deliver it to the President of the Socioeconomics Section by July 1 (via e-mail or fax).